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Self-guided courses

Entrepreneurship 101

This online course offers a masterclass in entrepreneurship to help you build your business.

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Accelerating Global Expansion

This course helps you build an international expansion plan that sets you up for global success.

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Startup talent: How to plan for, hire & recruit your first few employees

This course helps you hire and attract high-quality talent.

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Introduction to Investment Readiness

This online course gives you practical tips to help you organize your seed fundraising round.

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Introduction to Market Sizing

This course is a practical introduction to market sizing and the fundamentals of market research.

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Employer Branding 101

This course offers access to employer branding fundamentals and will get you started with your own distinct employer brand strategy.

Introduction to Valuation

This course covers the different valuation methods and how they work across different sectors.

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B2B Sales for Founders

This course is for early-stage founders who are ready to focus on jump-starting their sales flow and strategy.

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Pitching to Investors

This course helps you apply the principles of storytelling to create a powerful pitch. 

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Medtech Reimbursement Intensive

This course helps you assess the local reimbursement landscape and build a strategy. 

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Customer Development Immersive

This online course addresses the challenge of understanding and talking with customers.

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Business Model Validation

This online course is designed to help you create and validate a sustainable business model.

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