Program overview

What you'll learn

Module 1 | Getting Started with Employer Brand
Understand why your employer brand matters and benchmark your current employer brand efforts against the market

Module 2 | Define Your Employer Brand
Identify your current and ideal employer brand through guided research activities and develop a strong employer value proposition by following our step-by-step guide

Module 3 | Activate Your Employer Brand
Activate your employer brand by creating a magnetic career page, eye-catching job postings and LinkedIn posts with talent-facing content

What you'll get

  1. Online modules | Three on-demand online modules provide startups with access to expert advice and practical tools to support their employer branding efforts. 
  2. Employer brand benchmarking survey | See how your current employer branding efforts compare to the external benchmarks and identify areas of improvement.  
  3. Resources and templates | Access practical templates, such as our employee value proposition template and employer branding dashboard template, to help you build and organize your brand strategy.
  4. Real-world and expert insights | Hear from talent experts and entrepreneurs who have been there, done that and complete the simple research activities to gather real-world insights, applicable specifically to your business.


  • This course is designed for founders, people leaders and HR professionals but anyone involved in the hiring and recruitment process and those involved in marketing and communications can take this course. 
  • This course is ideal for startups at the beginning of their talent branding journey or wanting a refresh, companies planning or going through rapid team expansion, and companies looking to streamline or improve their existing talent brand.

We recommend dedicating enough time in your calendar to work through the program in its entirety. However, the course is designed to be self-directed so feel free to access lessons as needed and applicable to your specific needs and goals.

After signing up, you will have immediate access to all of the online modules and resources.

Enrolling in this course includes access to the material for as long as you need it!

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