Course overview

What you’ll learn

  • Fundamentals of market research and its definitions
  • Basic principles of top-down and bottom-up methodologies for market sizing
  • The importance of secondary market research in calculating your market size (volume, value)
  • An understanding of TAM, SAM and TM and how they differ

What you’ll get

  • 12 video lessons
  • Practical activities and worksheets
  • Two strategies to estimate the size of your target market
  • Total of 30-minutes, self-paced

Course lessons

  1. Introduction and overview 
  2. Market sizing definitions 
  3. Differences between TAM, SAM and TM 
  4. Top-down methodology 
  5. Bottom-up methodology 
  6. Find the right search terms 
  7. Secondary market research sources 
  8. Case study: Alpha Medical 
  9. Case study: MicroBlu 
  10. Case study: Banana 
  11. Case study: Proxy market 
  12. Where to go next


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Yes! This foundational course covers the basics of market research and the key methodologies of market sizing. Market sizing is a critical task for startup business and marketing planning, as well as for raising venture capital.

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Yes. Introduction to Market Sizing is openly available to anyone, anywhere—an understanding of market sizing is useful for all entrepreneurs.

Meet your instructors

This course was designed and written by MaRS Market Intelligence, which offers services to support entrepreneurs. MaRS Market Intelligence provides access to current, relevant and timely information about industries, competitors, markets and investors, as well as best business practices.

These services are provided by information specialists and industry analysts with expertise in IT, software, telecommunications, biotech, cleantech, advanced materials and manufacturing, pharmaceuticals and healthcare.


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