Course overview

What you’ll learn

  • Understand the valuation process and why it’s important

  • Apply different valuation models and know when they are used

  • Master valuation terminology

What you’ll get

  • 13 video lessons led by a seasoned founder and VC

  • 5 video interviews: Advice from industry experts

  • Workbook exercises with practical spreadsheets and calculations


Course modules

1: Background to valuing companies
Get to know the valuation process and its real-life, practical applications.

2: Valuation methods and models
Learn qualitative, or subjective, methods for valuing companies.

3: Other considerations when valuing your company
Delve into the use of comparables, the role of negotiation and whether a high valuation can hurt your company.

4: Quantitative methods 
Learn income/cash flow methods—in particular, the Discounted Cash Flow Method.

5: VC math
How can employee stock option plans (ESOPs)—a common term sheet element—impact the true valuation ascribed to a company?


Valuation methods we cover

  • Venture Capital Method
  • First Chicago Method
  • Berkus Method
  • Scorecard Method
  • Use of Comparable Transactions
  • The Role of Negotiation
  • Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) Method


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