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Learn about Ontario's accessibility requirements.


Learn the basics of accounting for startups: payroll, tax rules and more.

Accounting principles & practices

A guide to underlying accounting principles and terms.

Advertising health products

Different regulatory bodies have different views about advertising healthcare products. Find out more.


Looking for sample legal agreements such as a non-disclosure agreement template? We have several for…

Angel & seed investing

Learn more about angel and seed investing.

Boards of directors & advisors

Entrepreneurs need to set up boards of directors as well as advisory boards. Get started…


Start learning how to manage your own books.


Startups need to work on brand development early on. It's an exercise in perception management.

Building a board of directors

Building an effective board helps grow shareholder value.

Business models

Want your startup to succeed? It's essential to get your business model right.

Business structure

Operating in Canada? Know the business structure basics.

Chemistry, manufacturing & controls 

Learn about Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), quality systems, stability studies and more.

Company culture

Company culture is the foundation on which your startup is built.

Company formation

Some food for thought as you form your company.


Design the right compensation plan (salaries, benefits and more) for your startup and your team.


Do startups with new tech products face competition? Short answer: yes!

Copyright & trademarks

Get the basics of copyright and trademarks.


Crowdfunding? Learn how to run a successful campaign.

Customer Development Model

The Customer Development Model helps you deeply understand your market. Learn about customer discovery so…

Customer satisfaction & community engagement

Want more value for customers? Foster community engagement and customer satisfaction.

Debt financing

Borrowing money, or debt financing, is one way to get the funds you need.


Entrepreneurs need to protect their venture’s confidential information. Learn more.


Startups need to identify effective distribution channels to reach their target customer.

Employee benefits

Employee benefits are a key part of an employee’s compensation package.

Employee onboarding

Onboarding a new hire requires upfront planning and coordination.

Employee retention

Retaining top talent is a challenge for any company, particularly tech startups. Strategic planning helps!

Employer responsibilities

Learn what you need to know as an employer.

Exits: Mergers & acquisitions (M&A)

While building your startup, it's wise to plan ahead for your exit.

Financial statements

Understand how to read a financial statement.

Financing workbooks

These workbooks help you prepare to meet investors. (Note: Workbook 1 is for startups at…


Get started on top-down and bottom-up revenue forecasts.


Advice on recruiting your co-founder, espousing self-care, and more.

Funding strategy

Learn the core concepts of funding strategy.

General resources & tools

Find an overview of resources relating to COVID-19.


Learn the basics of building an effective go-to-market strategy.  

Growth marketing channels

Run your campaign with the latest growth marketing strategies and tools.

Growth Marketing Playbook

This five-step framework shows you how to build a growth marketing model and where to…

Growth marketing: Interviews

We interviewed top growth marketers and asked them to share their insights.

Growth strategy

Need traction? From A/B testing to leveraging LinkedIn, we have growth tactics from the experts.

Health market research

Insights on researching healthcare markets.

Healthcare innovation adoption

The startup journey is long for health entrepreneurs. Gain advice, insights on the process for…


Learn best practices in a recruitment process.

Hiring Talent Toolkit

Build your arsenal of creative hiring strategies that can help you win the battle for…

Intellectual property (IP)

Protecting your intellectual property (IP) is critical. Get started here.

International expansion

Expanding abroad? Before you take the plunge, see what you need to know.

Investing in healthcare startups

Dive into the minds of health investors. Understand what they look for, how they make…

Investor communication

Know how to impress investors.

IP agreements

These sample IP agreements are intended to be educational. Review all legal documents with your…

IP strategy

Intellectual property is a critical business asset. You need a strategy to protect and leverage…

Job postings & descriptions

Get tips on writing job postings and job descriptions.


Entrepreneurs need to navigate many legal requirements. Get started here.

Making an offer

An offer of employment is a legal contract between an employee and your organization. Learn…

Managing performance

Understand how to motivate your team and effectively manage performance.

MarCom (marketing communications)

Marketing communication (MarCom) is a fundamental and complex part of a company’s marketing efforts.

Market Sizing Toolkit

Learn the market sizing methods that are often used when describing, analyzing and communicating the…

Marketing analytics

Analytics can help your marketing team deliver an ROI.

Marketing strategy

Learn the core concepts of marketing strategy.

Masters of Growth

Founders share how they successfully scaled their companies.

Masters of Sales

Insights and advice on the sales cycle, going international, founder training and building a sales…

Media interviews

Learn how to leverage media interviews and deliver your key messages.

Official government offers and support

Targeted support, funds and programs from official sources to help buffer vulnerable individuals and businesses…


Protect your invention in the very early stages. Determine its patentability and avoid patent infringement.


Do you know how to set up and manage payroll? We've got you covered.

People analytics

Know the key people metrics that matter most to business performance.


Polish your pitch!


At its core, pivoting is the process of achieving greater product–market fit.


Product positioning creates an image in the mind of your target customer.


Ready commercialize your product? It's time to establish a pricing structure.


Primary research

Conduct primary research like a pro.

Product development

Learn about the product management process, product strategy and building something actual users want.

Product development for life sciences

The path to regulatory approval is long and complex. From proof of concept through to…

Product launches

The product launch and the product release are different aspects of product development. Both require…

Product positioning toolkit

Develop strategies that can help distinguish your offering in the market and create a competitive…

Product Requirements

Product requirements are the tactical implementation of your product strategy and product roadmap.

Product roadmaps

A product roadmap guides you as you execute your product strategy.

Product safety & clinical trials

Know the safety requirements when developing drugs and medical devices, and running clinical trials.


This video series examines hardware prototyping and how it can help you launch your startup.

Public relations

Know the key aspects of public relations (PR).

Reference checks

Reference checks are an important part of the hiring process.

Regulatory agencies: Submisssions & documentation

As you work toward regulatory approval, know the requirements and best practices for submitting to…

Research techniques

Learn the basics of market research.

Revenue models

Know the ins and outs of different revenue models.

Sales calls

The sales process starts with a sales call. There are ways to best prepare.

Sales compensation

Your startup’s plan must balance business strategy, competitive pay and affordability. Learn more.

Sales enablement & tools

Your frontline sales team can drive busines—give them the skills, tools and knowledge they need.

Sales funnel

Analyze and manage your sales opportunities using the sales funnel.

Sales process

Selling as a startup isn’t easy. Learn more about building a sales process that works.

Sales success metrics

Gauge the effectiveness of your marketing and sales activities as well as your sales process.

Sales teams

Cultivate a great sales team—from hiring through to training and day-to-day management.

Screening & interviewing

To screen and interview candiates effectively, follow a careful process.

Social media

To succeed at social marketing, you need the right understanding, mindset and strategy.

Sourcing candidates

To recruit a great team, you need to source great talent.

Strategic foresight

Strategic foresight helps you grasp how issues unfolding today could affect your business tomorrow.


Strategies and best people practices and ops.

Taxation & tax credits

Know the tax rules and strategies for creating and operating a startup.

Technology adoption lifecycle (TALC)

To effectively develop product and market strategies, understand where your product category fits on the…

Term sheets

Before you sign, it's critical to understand the term sheet.


At some point, every company must deal with the termination of an employee.


Training helps both startup and employee grow and succeed.

User experience (UX)

The UX design process is key to getting your product right.

User research

User research helps you identify market problems—and solutions people will use.

Value propositions

Your value proposition forms the core of your business model. You'll want to get it…

Venture capital (VC)

Learn where to find VC investors and what they'll look for.

Working with a board of directors

Boards govern while management manages. Remember this as you work with your boards.