Identifying your intellectual property

This workbook helps you identify your intellectual property (IP). It is designed specifically for entrepreneurs starting technology and biotechnology companies.
The task of properly identifying and classifying your IP is not an easy one. However, this guide walks you through the process. When you finish its exercises, you will have a complete list of the IP that is important to your business plan.
Download and use this workbook to:

  • Identify all potential sources of your IP (brands, products and services).
  • Segment and categorize all elements of your IP.
  • Protect your IP.
  • Recognize steps to take with IP that is not your own.


MaRS workbooks are comprised of two elementsthe workbook guide, which contains instructions, examples and activities, and the workbook template, in which you can write your responses. You can personalize the workbook template by adding your company name and logo.


Download: Identifying your intellectual property 

Download: Identifying your intellectual property workbook template


Download banner for Ontario's IP Ecosystem Map from Intellectual Property Ontario.

Check out Ontario’s IP Ecosystem Map! Our partners at IPON designed this tool to help guide Ontario innovators & researchers on their IP journey. It’s an interactive PDF with info on IP service providers across Ontario.