Who did we look at?

Our 2021 report includes data from more than 86 private SaaS companies, with revenues ranging from $1–50 million. Most are at the Series A stage. About a fifth are beyond Series D.

The majority of participating companies are headquartered in Canada (72.3%), with the remaining in the U.S. (24.6%) or the Asia-Pacific region (3.1%).

On average these companies have about 50 employees. Fifty-eight percent of these companies are seeing growth rates of less than 50 percent, with the top 10 growing at a rapid 150 percent.

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What’s inside?

  1. A chance to see how you stack up against others in productivity, engagement, attrition and diversity
  2. Forecasted turnover post-COVID 19 — and what to do about it
  3. Surprising differences in the diversity, eNPS and turnover scores of the top 10 highest-growth companies and what it means
  4. The interesting correlation between workforce distribution and business growth
  5. Insights on how scale-ups like Prodigy Education are using people data to inform business decisions
Report highlights

This report was created in partnership with intelliHR, a cloud-based people management and data analytics
platform that helps businesses manage, enable and enhance their people.