Ten steps to a successful startup and product launch

Launching a product and a startup in the marketplace requires exceptional preparation. Entrepreneurs have only one chance to launch. The impression the launch creates will greatly impact your business.
The links in each step below takes you to articles that provide complete explanations of each one. This will help you gain a solid understanding of how to prepare a launch.
Tip: Start creating your launch plan as soon as your business model is designed and validated.

To successfully launch your startup and product, you must:

  1. Determine your market type/market maturity.
  2. Set your launch goals.
  3. Prepare your positioning.
  4. Choose your launch plan.
  5. Select the right PR agency.
  6. Determine your target audience and key opinion leaders.
  7. Craft your key messages.
  8. Pick your media strategy.
  9. Roll your decision into your marketing plan for the launch.
  10. Execute, measure and adjust!

Lastly—for all these steps, execute, measure and adjust!