Step 4: Focus

In this step, you will examine the data you collected, compare the results of your three channel tests and identify a single channel to focus on.

Looking at your test data, assess which channel outperformed the others—and then drop the other two. There is no point in diluting your budget and spending resources on weaker channels.

It is time to focus your growth strategy on the one channel that did the best. This means running more tests in that single channel so you can learn what works and what does not and optimize your tactics.

Nathan Monk walks us through the process.


  1. Review the content provided below.
  2. In the spreadsheet you downloaded in Step 1, open the tab for Step 4 and complete the activities.
  3. Proceed to Step 5 of this playbook.

Unbounce article: What is A/B testing? This straightforward overview gives you the basics of A/B testing. A one-minute read.
Kissmetrics blog: A Beginner’s Guide To A/B Testing: An Introduction This blog goes into more detail and will help you get going with A/B testing.


Whoever understands the customer best will ultimately own them.
– Steli Efti,

The Growth Marketing Playbook is based on the work of Gabriel Weinberg and Justin Mares in their 2015 book, Traction.