Employee performance review: Sample template

Performance review template: For reviewers, and for employee self-assessment

Once you have arranged a time with an employee to discuss their performance, ask them to use a performance review template (such as the downloadable one below) to do a self-assessment. A performance self-assessment enables your employee to reflect on their performance in the review period and facilitates a meaningful discussion by both parties about the specifics of the review.

During the performance review, place emphasis on future goals. Provide a balanced assessment, including recognition of your employee’s achievement and areas of performance improvement. This will set the stage to establish goals and expectations for the coming review period. The performance review template acts as a formal communication tool to ensure both you and your employee understand and agree to these performance expectations and goals.

The document below is a sample template of a performance review template for your use. Consider having a lawyer review your standard performance review template, particularly with respect to aspects that may affect the employment contract. If you use a template such as the one below with your employees, review it carefully to ensure that additions or amendments are not required.

Sample Performance Review template

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