When and where:

Date: September 13, 2023

Time: 11:00 am EDT to 12:00 pm EDT

Location: Online

We’ll cover:

  • Understanding why this region has become a magnet for Canadian businesses and its potential to reshape global trade dynamics
  • Discovering strategies for creating sustainable growth, mitigating risk and forging enduring relationships across this region
  • Gaining insights into conquering the intricate web of regulations to achieve seamless market integration
  • Learning how our panelists have adapted their approaches to connect and resonate within diverse business environments

About this event

The Indo-Pacific region has emerged as a pivotal hub for Canadian businesses, brimming with unparalleled growth potential. As the world’s fastest-growing economic zone, the Indo-Pacific region has swiftly risen to become Canada’s second-largest regional export market, boasting an impressive annual two-way trade volume of $226 billion. Forecasts indicate that, by 2040, this region will command over half of the global economy—a share exceeding even that of the United States.

With such opportunistic projections, it’s no wonder Canadian startups have already made their mark by venturing into the Indo-Pacific region, harnessing its dynamic economic landscape. Join us and Export Development Canada on September 13 as we discuss how to navigate diverse cultures and transcend regulatory challenges to establish a foothold in these transformative markets.

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