An executive summary that attracts investors (template)

An executive summary template

The executive summary you give to your potential investors should be two to four pages long. This list from Guy Kawasaki’s Reality Check covers the components that should be included in the executive summary and can be used as a template:

  1. Problem: What pressing and important problem are you solving or what opportunity are you addressing?
  2. Solution: How are you solving this problem or tapping this opportunity?
  3. Business model: Who are your customers and how will you make money?
  4. Underlying magic: What makes your company special?
  5. Marketing and sales strategy: What is your go-to-market strategy?
  6. Competition: Whom do you compete with? What can you do that they cannot? What can they do that you cannot?
  7. Projections: What are your financial projections for the next three to five years? What are your key assumptions and metrics to achieve these projections?
  8. Team: Who is on your team? Why are they special?
  9. Status and timeline: Where are you now? What are the major and immediate milestones?

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