ThinkData Works: Offering worldwide COVID-19 data to researchers

ThinkData Works is a MaRS- and MaRS IAF-supported company. 

ThinkData Works is the bridge between people who have data and those who need it to power their decision science. Through its platform, Namara, ThinkData Works provides users with clean, accessible and standardized data to fuel solutions.

In response to COVID-19, ThinkData Works has built a repository of up-to-date worldwide COVID-19 data that is accessible through the Namara platform. The data is gathered, standardized and centralized to make it easier for researchers to draw insights, build models, and understand and stop COVID-19. The company has made access to this data free to ensure that it can be used by those who can make a difference. 

Access the data here.

ThinkData has also partnered with Roche, a global pioneer in healthcare, to fuel the fight against COVID-19 by joining the Roche Data Coalition and bringing crucial data to the fore. Its repository will be for COVID-19 research enhancement, focused on informing the management of the pandemic. ThinkData’s repository of data will be shared with 4.3 million machine-learning scientists for an online COVID-19 research challenge administered by Kaggle and the US government to answer questions that will focus on capacity management and research studies for COVID-19. Learn more about Kaggle’s COVID-19 research.