Plum: Helping ease the transition for teams to remote work | COVID-19

Plum is a MaRS-supported company. 

About Plum

Plum helps organizations future-proof their businesses by unlocking human potential. By measuring talents such as adaptability, innovation and communication, Plum matches people to jobs where they thrive—enabling data-driven decision making when it comes to hiring, learning and development, strategic workforce planning, and identifying emerging leaders. 

Plum recognizes that with various global and local measures in place to respond to the COVID-19 outbreak, you may be transitioning your employees to a remote work environment. This can be a challenge. Plum’s entire workforce recently went remote, so the company understands just how difficult this process can be.  

How Plum can help  

If you’re looking for ways to make the transition to remote work a little easier, Plum invites you and your employees to receive a Plum Profile. This is a service it is offering free of charge. 

Anyone who completes the Plum Discovery Survey will receive a personalized Plum Profile detailing their work preferences and communication styles. This information is especially helpful to share with managers and teammates when adjusting to dramatic change (like suddenly working remotely and losing out on in-person interaction). 

Invite your employees to take the Plum Discovery Survey here

Plum has created a brief video to share how its team uses the information from their Plum Profiles to discuss their communication styles and work preferences in order to be more effective when working remotely. Check it out here.