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MaRS virtual coffee with Stage 2 Capital


This webinar recording features Mark Roberge and Jay Po, managing partners with Stage 2 Capital. The hour-long session with the go-to-market focused VC fund that invests in early-stage B2B software companies dives into answering questions like:

  • When should you start to scale?
  • What do VCs define as product-market fit?
  • Why you need to identify a leading indicator to customer retention?
  • What do VCs define as go-to-market fit?
  • What companies does Stage 2 Capital invest in?

About Stage 2 Capital

Stage 2 Capital is a venture capital firm that invests in early-stage B2B software companies and sits shoulder to shoulder with leadership teams to operationalize sustainable revenue growth and sales operations. Backed by top go-to-market professionals from leading tech companies, Stage 2 Capital leverages its deep sales expertise to help entrepreneurs scale their businesses in addition to providing capital.