Benji: Finding tax write-offs for independent contractors | COVID-19

Benji finds tax write-offs for Canadian freelancers—saving them time, money and headaches. If you’re a sole proprietor or currently employed as an unincorporated contractor for your startup, you can use Benji to maximize your tax return. On average, Benji helps users find $9,387 of tax savings in less than five minutes.

The company recognizes that many early-stage founders are likely set up as independent contractors and would benefit from its solution. To support this community through this challenging time, Benji is offering 20% off its subscription plan to all new subscribers. Simply mention MaRS during your sign-up to receive this offer.

Visit Benji’s website to sign up today.

The company has also compiled free mini-guides for independent contractors to navigate the Canadian Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) as well as those looking to remain up-to-date on their financial options due to COVID-19.