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UK Country Guide

What's inside?

Expanding to a new geographical market is a risky endeavour, and firms need to understand the strengths, opportunities and challenges a country presents.

In this guide, we’ll explore:

  • The opportunities that make UK an attractive destination
  • The challenge of competition in the UK market
  • The impact of Brexit on conducting business in the UK
  • Determining whether the UK is the right market for you

This country guide concludes with a UK Market Evaluation Canvas that guides senior leaders through a series of questions to help them evaluate whether the UK is the right country for their company.

Our experts

Who you'll hear from


Stephen Wilhelm

Regional VP, Europe, Middle East & Africa, Export Development Canada

Stephen Wilhelm is responsible for EDC’s business development efforts across the EMEA region, and EDC’s representations in London, Düsseldorf, Istanbul, Dubai and Johannesburg.

Read Stephen’s full bio here.

Emmanuelle Mansart

Country risk analyst, Western Europe & North Africa, Export Development Canada

Emmanuelle Mansart is the country risk analyst responsible for Western Europe and the North African region with the Economic-Political Intelligence Centre at Export Development Canada.

Read Emmanuelle’s full bio here.

Josephine Coombe

Chief marketing officer, Nulogy

As chief marketing officer at Nulogy, a leading provider of agile supply chain solutions, Josephine Coombe is responsible for global marketing and brand stewardship.

Read Josephine’s full bio here.

Expanding into the UK?

Read our country guide for strengths and opportunities when entering the market.

Download the country guide

MaRS Discovery District (MaRS) and Export Development Canada (EDC) are collaborating to develop a tailored and dedicated portfolio of services to help small, early stage Canadian science and technology companies expand internationally. In this International Solutions Suite, entrepreneurs and business leaders will be able to identify new, potential global markets while simultaneously exploring practical solutions for succeeding in those parts of the world.