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Value Proposition

This three-part workshop series is designed to help early-stage ventures understand the Lean Startup approach and learn ways to start collecting feedback from potential customers.


The tools and frameworks covered in the workshop will help you to lower the risk associated with launching your new product or business. Our approach will also help new ventures to better understand how sales and marketing activities can be organized to land the first customers.

The value proposition is a statement that reflects a new venture’s most fundamental decisions, including target customer, problem to be solved and which product solution to offer. This workshop will help you create a sustainable value proposition that is validated through customer and peer appraisal.

Participant Profile

This workshop series is for aspiring entrepreneurs and existing companies that want to launch new products and services. Participants will be expected to interview five to ten potential customers between the two workshop sessions.

“The big benefit I derived from the Toolkit workshop was being ‘forced’ to conduct customer interviews for both problem and solution validation. That was a very exciting process and it was the most important thing I learned.”

Workshop Topics

  • Creating a value proposition
  • The Lean Startup approach
  • Testing key assumptions for businesses
  • Frameworks and techniques for customer interviewing
  • Validation and interpretation of customer learning
  • Landing the first customers

Workshop Schedule and Registration

Session Deliverable
1. Preparing to leave the building Overview of the Lean Startup approach and a tested interview guide based on the venture’s most important foundational assumptions
2. Refining your customer development A solid customer interviewing technique that can be used continually through the course of new business development
3. Determining your value proposition A framework and template for determining your value proposition

Interested in attending an upcoming workshop? Workshops are held regularly at MaRS and at our partner organizations across the Ontario Network of Entrepreneurs.


Pre-reading Materials