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Sales ABC

This three-part workshop series is designed to help early-stage ventures build a sales call script that follows a process which is proven to bring in quality and quantity sales.


Sales are fundamental to a successful business, but often misunderstood — like every other business function, selling is a process. This workshop series focuses on the sales process within a business-to-business (B2B) environment.

If you are ready to start selling, this workshop will equip you with techniques to map out your sales process and it will provide you with the tools to manage, influence and track sales opportunities. It will also provide you with the chance to refine and practice your cold calling and sales meeting techniques to improve outcomes and demonstrate repeatable sales.

Participant Profile

This workshop series is for new ventures with limited sales skills that are ready to develop a sales process and start selling to customers. For participants that have some sales experience, this workshop offers a focused refresher on sales fundamentals.

“I liked the interaction with other entrepreneurs, as we exchanged ideas about challenges we encountered on the field. I also liked the ideas presented by the speaker, as they have helped advance my business. In some cases, before the workshop, I was doing the opposite of best practices and I noticed a dramatic improvement immediately.”

Workshop Topics

  • Sales Canvas Framework: Inbound and outbound sales calls
  • The sales funnel
  • Turning leads into prospects
  • Negotiation tactics
  • Identifying customer stakeholders
  • Metrics for the sales cycle
  • Mapping your sales pipeline
  • Define, track, analyze and manage your sales process

Workshop Schedule and Registration

Session Deliverable
1. The sales canvas framework and the sales funnel Techniques to book, prepare for and conduct a sales call
2. The customer sales meeting A sales process and stakeholder management chart to prepare you to meet with your customers
3. Analyzing and managing the sales process A spreadsheet approach to tracking sales with sales funnel data for a prospective customer

Interested in attending an upcoming workshop? Workshops are held regularly at MaRS and at our partner organizations across the Ontario Network of Entrepreneurs.


Pre-reading Materials