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Pitching to Investors

This two-part workshop series is designed to help early-stage ventures create a comprehensive 10-slide pitch to gain investors’ attention and ultimately funding.


Many new ventures need to access external sources of funding to effectively build their product and enter the market. This workshop series will help you to understand how to create a powerful pitch that you can use to engage investors.

Participant Profile

This workshop series is for startups that have a validated value proposition and business model combined with a strong team and attractive market opportunity. Between the two sessions, participants are expected to ensure that they have all the information required to create their pitch.

“With the tools I learned from the workshops, I was able to successfully pitch my business idea to judges in several business competitions. In every competition I entered, I was either a finalist or the winner. This would not have been possible without what I learned — about not only how to create a pitch, but also how to present one.”

Workshop Topics

  • Effective communication
  • What do investors look for?
  • Creating powerful narratives
  • Principles of storytelling
  • Pitching principles
  • Effective slide creation

Workshop Schedule and Registration

Session Deliverable
1. What do investors want to know? A summary of the 10 key components that form your story
2. Creating your pitch A 10-slide pitch deck summarizing your key information

Interested in attending an upcoming workshop? Workshops are held regularly at MaRS and at our partner organizations across the Ontario Network of Entrepreneurs.


Pre-reading Materials