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This single-session workshop is designed to help early-stage ventures learn how to simultaneously harness the skills of a leader and a manager.

There is a fine line between those who motivate and those who control — the best leaders are the ones who master both. During this workshop you will learn how to simultaneously harness the skills of a leader and a manager. You will find out what your leadership style is and how to manage your team through the “entrepreneurial roller coaster.” Whether you are leading one person or many, it’s important to understand your personal leadership behaviours and how to use them to move your team and business forward.

Participant Profile

This workshop is for leaders who would like to become more alert to their leadership styles and who are ready to learn the best approaches to managing, motivating and retaining their entrepreneurial team.

Workshop Topics

  • Differences between a manager and a leader
  • Skills that make a good leader
  • The different leadership styles and when to apply them
  • Considerations for creating a leadership team
  • Insights into the personal journey of an entrepreneurial leader


Self-awareness is an important trait for all leaders. This single-session workshop will help you become more conscious of how you employ your natural leadership style. It will enable you to become more mindful and deliberate in your personal interactions with your team, and help you deal with entrepreneurial challenges more effectively.

Workshop Schedule and Registration

Workshops are held regularly at MaRS and at our partner organizations across the Ontario Network of Entrepreneurs.