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Finance Fundamentals

This three-part workshop series is designed to help early-stage ventures develop a full cash-flow forecast and determine the amount of funding needed to grow.

Understanding the financial metrics of your business is a crucial step you need to take. Being able to speak knowledgeably to your accountant, bank or investors about your company finances will keep you confident in decisions you make and will allow you to better manage your available cash.

This three-part workshop series is designed to help entrepreneurs understand basic financial concepts, build a forecasting model to use in running their businesses and identify key concepts of valuation that apply to their businesses.

Participant Profile

This workshop series is for entrepreneurs who are beginning to incur expenses, are potentially generating revenue, and those looking to get control of their company finances to support decision making for future growth and potential investments are also welcome.

“However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results.”
– Unknown

Workshop Topics

  • Financial statements
  • Cash-flow forecasting
  • How to make smart businesses finance decisions
  • Pricing, sales funnel and revenue types
  • Funding
  • Business valuations
  • The investors’ perspective

Workshop Schedule and Registration

Session Deliverable
1. Preparing your business forecast Expense cash-flow template for your business
2. Understanding revenue forecasting and funding Revenue cash-flow template for your business
3. Business valuation and tutorial session Basic, complete 12-month cash-flow forecast for your business

Interested in attending an upcoming workshop? Workshops are held regularly at MaRS and at our partner organizations across the Ontario Network of Entrepreneurs.


Pre-reading Materials