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How to effectively interview your target market’s potential product users

Once you’ve identified a target market and the profiles of your product users, you will have a picture of the types of people you should interview. The purpose of these interviews is to understand your target market’s problems, such as: How potential product users do their jobs What frustrates them … Read More

User personas in tech product development

User personas are profiles of the typical people who actually use your product. They can be thought of as “stories” about your typical user. They include that person’s name, background and typical behaviours. User personas contribute to tech product development and design. They help you to understand how you will … Read More

Validating inputs to product roadmaps

As outlined in the article Product roadmap inputs, timeframes and your product strategy, you will collect many different inputs of what should be added to your product over time. They will primarily come from your market, which includes customers, prospects, competitors and your target market. Validate each input to your tech product … Read More