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What financing approach is right for your business?

If you have a great technology idea, you will need financial resources to develop it. An inventor or entrepreneur should develop a long-term financing strategy for their technology. The following checklist can help you develop the right financing approach. To help determine the best approach for your idea, decide what … Read More

Building a board of directors—and its role in corporate governance

As part of the terms of financing, the term sheet  provided an outline of the size and composition of the board post-financing. A corporation requires directors, officers and shareholders to act. The directors comprise the board of directors. For early-stage companies prior to an outside investment, the board will likely … Read More

Personal liabilities and fiduciary duties of company directors

Most startup founders have a general idea that serving as a director of a corporation should not be taken lightly. But what are the key duties and personal liabilities that the law imposes on directors and how can you mitigate them? The basics regarding the three categories of director obligations—fiduciary duties, … Read More

Relationship marketing: Kotler on marketing

One of the things of most value to a company is its relationships—with customers, employees, suppliers, distributors, dealers, and retailers. The company’s relationship capital is the sum of the knowledge, experience, and trust a company has with its customers, employees, suppliers, and distribution partners. These relationships are often worth more than the … Read More

Different board governance models for different ventures

Establish a formal board of directors as soon as possible. Ensure that the bylaws are complete. It is wise to call for professional assistance when creating this document, and to check these by-laws regularly to ensure that compliance is in place. Forms of board governance models include: Operational boards: This board does the … Read More

Revenue models—Online advertising and website advertising and marketing

An online advertising revenue model depends on high traffic volumes to generate income. The three of the most common forms of the online advertising model occur when: Advertisers pay website owners to display an advertising message to visitors on their site Advertisers pay website owners to refer visitors to the … Read More

Confidential information strategy

In Canada, the terms “confidential information,” “trade secrets” and “know-how” are used interchangeably. For the purposes of this article, we will avoid using the term “trade-secret” because it holds a specific meaning in the United States. Confidential information can be broadly defined as a form of intellectual property that has … Read More

Provisional patent applications in the US: A tool to protect your invention

What is a provisional patent application? A provisional patent application is a temporary form of a United States patent application that establishes a filing date but does not mature into a regular utility patent application. A provisional application must be replaced with a regular patent application claiming priority to the … Read More

How to effectively interview your target market’s potential product users

Once you’ve identified a target market and the profiles of your product users, you will have a picture of the types of people you should interview. The purpose of these interviews is to understand your target market’s problems, such as: How potential product users do their jobs What frustrates them … Read More

User personas in tech product development

User personas are profiles of the typical people who actually use your product. They can be thought of as “stories” about your typical user. They include that person’s name, background and typical behaviours. User personas contribute to tech product development and design. They help you to understand how you will … Read More