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Breaking the mold: the transformation of Ontario’s hospitals

This is the first installment of MaRS Market Intelligence’s month-long series on innovative hospitals in Ontario. Introduction As Canadians, our healthcare system is a focal point of our society. It was designed on the principle that healthcare is a social good and that all residents should have equal access to … Read More

Mergers and Acquisitions: the basics—with Tim Botham

Tim Botham, Managing Partner at Aqua M&A, breaks down the basics of mergers and acquisitions for tech startups. He discusses everything a startup CEO needs to know about M&A when building their company such as best practices for becoming exit ready, setting investor expectations, and ideal exit timing. Aqua is … Read More

Growth marketing basics on Facebook

Facebook basics — don’t overthink it. Jeff Goldenberg, Co-founder & CSO of Abacus, breaks down marketing on Facebook, including budgeting, key metrics and best practices. Hint: Collect email addresses.

Sales process: Selling to large organizations in complex sales cycles | Part 1

What do Thor the superhero and successful selling have in common? In a successful sales process, three types of currency are in play: Price Credibility Political While all three types matter, the most critical currency is “political.” And taking your prospective buyer from fearful to hero is the key to … Read More

How to design a high-value community

Who should read this? Growth/scale ventures. Entrepreneurs who have built an MVP and have a user base. Companies that have a product/service with a social component, whose users would define being part of an associated community as a value-add. Designing a high-value community Nowadays, it seems like everything, even your … Read More

Finding the right time: How leading marketers redefine moments of assistance

This article originally appeared on Think with Google Canada. Who should read this? Marketing teams of growth and scale companies. Marketers are increasingly changing their approaches, now using signals to deliver relevant marketing experiences that match consumers’ moments of intent. Why does it matter? It’s no longer sufficient to just … Read More

Masters of Growth: Interview with Hossein Rahnama, Founder and CEO, Flybits

In the Masters of Growth series, we ask leaders of highly successful ventures how they help customers scale and solve problems. It’s a window into the minds of some of Ontario’s most successful business people. Flybits Inc. Established: 2013 Growth leader: Hossein Rahnama, Founder and CEO, Flybits Industry: Technology Company … Read More

Scenario planning for strategic decision-making

A core method in strategic foresight is scenario planning or “rehearsing for the future.” Scenarios are stories about possibilities, hypothetical sequences of events leading to plausible situations. We use scenario planning to stretch our perceptions of the future, accounting for a range of futures, so we can make better decisions. … Read More

Taking your Series A pitch on the road: Are you ready for prime time?

Who should read this? Founders and managers of growth-stage companies. When it comes to financing, there’s less understanding about what Series A investors seek. Many entrepreneurs feel the waters get murky after angel funding and VC seed rounds. Understanding Series A investors matters if you want to close the round … Read More

Chart and maximize board performance

Who should read this? Startup and growth-stage founders and CEOs. Why does it matter? A board’s collective contribution is second only to executive leadership in steering the company in the direction of success. It’s a partnership. As a board is necessary to enhance shareholder value, it makes sense to evaluate … Read More