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Find articles, videos and courses on building your startup. Stay tuned for a fully searchable and discoverable library coming soon.

A guide to develop your first hardware prototype

  If you’re building hardware, you require a different approach to prototyping than a company building software. You know have a great hardware product idea and several relevant applications. Now it’s time to look at prioritizing your resources for prototyping, and where to start. Continue on: Part 3 of 5

How to use the value proposition design canvas

Your value proposition is one of the most fundamental building blocks in your Business Model Canvas—and also one of the most complex. In this lesson, we explore the Value Proposition Canvas authored by Alexander Osterwalder and the Strategyzer team. The canvas is a simple way to understand your customer’s needs … Read More

The 3 Cs of Brand Development: Customer, Company, and Competitors

There is only a handful of useful texts on strategy. Any MBA student will be familiar with these: Competitive Advantage and Competitive Strategy by Michael Porter Strategy Safari by Henry Mintzberg The Discipline of Market Leaders by Michael Treacy and Fred Wiersema Playing to Win by A.G. Lafley and Roger … Read More

Getting started with Revenue Operations (RevOps)

What is RevOps? Revenue Operations (RevOps) is the alignment of sales, marketing and customer success operations across the full customer life cycle to drive growth through operational efficiency and keep all teams accountable to revenue. This holistic approach is designed to break down silos between departments. What’s needed to align … Read More

Brand: What It Is, Why You Need One and How It Works

Brand is probably one of the most misunderstood and yet one of the most familiar tools in the entrepreneur’s tool kit. We all seem to know a brand when we see one, but we are often at a loss to define what it is, why you need one and how … Read More

How to design engagement triggers and guarantee participation in your digital community

You’ve finally launched your digital community. You’re excited by the potential to create a robust, tightly knit and scalable group of like-minded individuals who can connect, represent your brand and attract newcomers. But when the confetti settles, you realize the hard part is about to begin: How will you sustain … Read More

Why digital communities fail (and what you can do about it)

Everyone around you seems to be talking about digital communities. You’ve seen the impact communities have on creating a moat around a business, increasing brand value, improving customer retention and bringing in the best customers. So you might be wondering, Can I skip the strategy and go straight to building … Read More

All in the family: Nepotism in your company

One of the many benefits of entrepreneurship is the ability to make your own decisions about how to grow your company. Those choices include who to hire, who to fire and who to promote. Many business owners embrace the age-old practice of hiring family members (spouses, siblings, sons and daughters) … Read More

Masters of Growth: Tips for founders—with Yung Wu

 One of the hardest things for founders to overcome is the fact that they run out of resources. They run out of runway. They run out of cash. They run out of time. They run out of people. At all times, it’s all about making trade-offs, and some of … Read More

Mergers and Acquisitions: the process—with Tim Botham

  Tim Botham, Managing Partner at Aqua M&A, walks through the typical acquisition process for tech startups. He describes each stage of the process, from developing an exit strategy to closing the deal. Aqua is an M&A advisory firm specializing in early-stage high-tech and life-science companies with disruptive IP for … Read More