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Find articles, videos and courses on building your startup. Stay tuned for a fully searchable and discoverable library coming soon.

The Collaborative Economy: How sharing is powering a sustainable future – MaRS Global Leadership

  April Rinne, Chief Strategy Officer of Collaborative Lab, shows how the collaborative economy has the potential to transform how we design products and services, create sustainable and “shareable” cities, re-imagine public services, reduce waste and connect communities.

Negotiation and Conflict Resolution

   Michael Erdle, Managing Partner at Deeth Williams Wall LLP, shares tips to help you create a win-win negotiation and to be more effective in the process. Learn how to navigate multiple negotiation situations and how to deal with power ploys.

How LinkedIn succeeded as the best social media site for business networking

LinkedIn started out as a small blip in the crowded social networking market but rapidly became the platform of choice for linking professionals around the globe. How does a company with a marketing department of two people and almost zero promotional spending become the world’s most popular business-networking site? Excellent … Read More

Industry rivalry and competition: Porter’s five forces

Industry rivalry—or rivalry among existing firms—is one of Porter’s five forces used to determine the intensity of competition in an industry. Other factors in this competitive analysis are: Barriers to entry Bargaining power of buyers Bargaining power of suppliers Threat of substitutes Industry rivalry usually takes the form of jockeying for … Read More

Go-to-Market Strategy: Four core elements

   Murray McCaig, Managing Partner, MaRS Cleantech Fund, highlights four core elements in creating a cohesive, customer-centric, go-to-market strategy that integrates an iterative process. Using case studies, Murray offers entrepreneurs tips on where to get started and illustrates barriers to scaling and selling a product.

A Rich Seam: How New Pedagogies Find Deep Learning

This report reveals how increasingly pervasive technology in schools is stimulating a greater partnership between teachers and students that connects learning with each individual’s interests beyond the classroom. Co-authored by professor Michael Fullan and Maria Langworthy, the report highlights the rapid changes taking place inside and outside the classroom toward “deep … Read More

Towards an Accessible Future: Ontario Innovators in Accessibility and Universal Design

There are 4.4 million people with disabilities in Canada today – 14.3% of the population. People are living longer and having fewer children, resulting in an aging population that is expected to be a key factor in the doubling of the number of people with disabilities in the next two … Read More

Industry analysis and competition: Porter’s five forces

Researching a market? Our free online course Introduction to Market Sizing offers a practical 30-minute primer on market research and calculating market size. Industry analysis—also known as Porter’s Five Forces Analysis—is a very useful tool for business strategists. It is based on the observation that profit margins vary between industries, … Read More

Crowdfunding campaigns: Risks for startups

Many startups have come to consider crowdfunding as the solution to their fundraising woes. Despite inherent risks, startups often choose to leverage a pre-sales or donation-based crowdfunding campaign model. Why take the risks? A successful crowdfunding campaign can yield more than fundraising. It can: Generate a large amount of free publicity … Read More

Crowdfunding campaigns for startup funding: What you should know

Crowdfunding campaigns as a means for startup funding have emerged as a potential alternative to angel and venture capital (VC) investments. What is crowdfunding? Crowdfunding is the use of small amounts of capital contributed by a large number of donors during an online fundraising campaign in order to support the … Read More