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Intensive Program

The Workshops Intensive Program is a concentrated, fast-moving workshop program offered in the Winter, Summer and Fall. Participants in the program attend four workshop series consecutively over a nine-week period. These workshops encourage peer and experiential learning in diverse cohorts of up to 30 participants.

Throughout the program, the participating entrepreneurs work on the most critical business challenges facing early-stage startups. We have identified four fundamentally important topics that will help you break the barriers you have been facing:

Value Proposition, Business Model, Finance, Leadership

What are the requirements to register?

Admission to the program is competitive and there are only 30 spots! Applications are easy to fill out through our registration page. We don’t expect you to have everything figured out; you must have a great idea and a personal commitment to work on it!

Here are some tips:

  • Be unique and keep it simple
  • We like startups with a focus on health, cleantech or information and communications technology
  • Have a specific project or business