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Program Overview

After signing up for the Accelerating Global Expansion program, you’ll receive access to the following resources.

  1. Online modules | Four on-demand online modules in which ventures can access expert advice and practical tools to support their expansion efforts. Each module has a clear objective and is meant to stand on its own.
  2. Resource library | Online library highlighting the various expansion-related resources

Online modules

Module 1 Expansion readiness

  • Define your global objectives and assess your readiness to start expanding internationally.

Module 2 Assessing international markets 

  • Determine the key factors to consider when evaluating international markets and leverage a Market Assessment Scorecard to determine which market presents the most attractive opportunity.

Module 3 – Risk assessment 

  • Understand the major types of business risk and develop your risk management plan. 

Module 4 Developing global partnerships

  • Develop your ideal partner profile and create a framework to effectively vet potential partners.

Each online module is meant to stand on its own, and ventures are encouraged to allocate their time based on the areas in which they require the most support. 

Additional Features

Resource library

In addition to the online modules, you’ll also have access to a library of resources available to support Canadian ventures in expanding internationally.

The resources included will support your venture in several aspects of international expansion, such as:

  • Hiring global talent
  • Financing your expansion
  • Finding global partners

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The program consists of online modules and a resource library that are all available on demand.

After signing up, you will have immediate access to all of the online modules and the resource library.

Enrolling in the program includes access to the material for as long as you need it!

If you have made the decision to go global and are looking to build a robust expansion plan — while avoiding common pitfalls around international expansion — then this program is for you!

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