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Selection and hiring

Learn best practices for selection and hiring.


Selecting the right candidate. Five hot tips for startups. 

Mario Laudi and Kristina McDougall of The Laudi Group discuss strategies for entrepreneurs to recognize and hire the right candidate who will strengthen their business.


Recruitment strategies: Using networks to find talent and job candidates

Leveraging your professional network can be an efficient and cost-effective way to source qualified job candidates and compete for key resources.


Identifying the right recruiting strategies for your startup

If you decide to recruit externally, it’s prudent to know where to place your job posting to attract the best applicants.


Tips for recruiting and landing top candidates: Selling and closing are key to your success

When recruiting, the difference between landing or losing a top candidate can be the ability to detect and address their acceptance criteria.


Recruitment and selection for startups: Key steps to hire the best candidate

When recruiting at your startup, know the key steps to help ensure you hire the best possible candidate.


How to incorporate competencies in your startup’s recruitment process

Competencies are employee behaviours, skills or attributes that research has shown to directly affect performance.


Pre-employment testing for job candidates

When properly designed and administered, pre-employment testing can systematically and accurately reveal information about a job candidate’s potential.


Hiring as a startup: Employee or independent contractor?

Startups must understand the legal obligations of hiring an employee versus engaging an independent contractor.


Successful on-boarding: Integrating new employees

Onboarding helps companies to integrate employees into the corporate culture.


Onboarding a new employee: Sample checklist for employee orientation

Properly onboarding a new employee involves many tasks. This sample checklist helps you ensure you cover the essentials.


How to hire employees who drive results, innovation and profit

What to look for to find the right candidate and emphasize motivation as a key component in successful hiring, team building and retention of high-performance talent.


Advice on offers of employment, job offer letters, and employment agreements

Companies should extend the offer of employment verbally and follow up the offer in writing.


The hiring process and reference checks: Validating your candidate assessment

Reference checks are an important part of the hiring process. They reveal an objective and relevant perspective of the job candidate.


Offer of employment and employment contracts: What startups need to know

An offer of employment is a legal contract between the employee and the organization and should clearly state the terms and conditions for both parties.