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Managing performance

Understand how to motivate your team and run a constructive performance review process.


Motivating employees at your startup

The best way to motivate an employee varies depending on the character and values of the individual. Motivational programs can help.


Performance reviews: Managing performance effectively

An effective performance review process provides a foundation for discussion and development planning, while offering feedback and growth opportunities to employees.


Performance management: Employee performance improvement

The performance management process can be uncomfortable, but the sooner a performance issue is addressed, the easier it will be to resolve.


Employee absenteeism: Sample tracking tool

An absenteeism tracking tool is an essential element in ensuring that employees and managers carefully monitor vacation time, sick days and other leaves of absence.


Employee performance review: Sample template

The performance review template acts as a formal communication tool to ensure both employee and reviewer understand and agree to performance expectations over a review period.


Coaching strategies and mentoring programs

Coaching is a short-term task-based process. Mentoring involves longer-term relationships. Use these programs to develop an able and motivated workforce.


Rewarding your critical resources: A compensation strategy for startups

Given the competitive business world, many companies have realized that recognizing and compensating their most critical employees is paramount to their success.


Talent management: How do I identify “A” players among employees?

While your “A” players or “top talent” are typically those with the best performance ratings, defining top talent should go beyond this single measure.


Retaining top talent: Employee retention strategies for startups

Retaining top talent is a challenge for any company. It is especially key for tech startups, where innovation, consistency and longevity are crucial to stay ahead of the competition.