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Effective interviews follow a careful process.



Preparing and conducting interviews with job candidates

Learn how to prepare for and conduct interviews with job candidates, and what you need to do afterwards.`


Open-ended and behaviour-based interview questions: Examples

Sample open-ended and behaviour-based interview questions.


Interview assessment: Sample template

After the interview, use these notes to document your comments and evaluations in an interview assessment form.


Job rejection letter sample for unsuccessful candidates

A job rejection letter informs interviewed but unsuccessful job candidates of your decision. You may wish to customize this sample letter to fit your startup’s needs.


Designing and scoring a job interview with an interview assessment template

Knowing how to design effective interview questions and deliver reliable assessment scores will help ensure a successful interview process.


Screening job candidates: Video and phone interview questions

These sample video and phone screening interview questions can help your startup assess potential job candidates.


Using video interviewing and phone screening in the recruitment process

When recruiting, video and phone screening, as well as video interviewing can be effective tools to help you assess the candidates.