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Defining your company and the job

Thinking about hiring? Find out how to start the process.


Job descriptions 

Good job postings are critical to attracting the right candidates. Hear practical advice on writing an effective job posting, such as ensuring you include key elements of the role and keep the posting free of buzzwords.


How to write a standout job posting

A job posting is an advertisement meant to attract job applicants. It is not the job description.


Job description template: A sample for startups

Creating a job description is one of the first steps in the recruitment, selection and hiring process.


Job descriptions: A key HR foundation for startups

Well-defined job descriptions provide a foundation for all your human resource (HR) processes and decisions.


Defining, building and maintaining a corporate culture

Corporate culture is the foundation on which an organization is built.


When do I need to hire an employee and who should my first hire be?

It’s hard for startups to know when to make the first hire. Creating a roadmap can help you pinpoint when and where additional expertise is needed.


Recruiting for your startup: Corporate culture, vision statement and core values

Articulating a vision statement and a set of core values helps define your corporate culture and how your startup wants to do business.


Understanding my management style for recruiting and building teams

As a leader, you need to identify your management style so you can recruit others who will work well in the environment you create.


Virtual teams: Benefits and disadvantages

For startups, using virtual teams can be a way to provide top products and services while remaining responsive to customers and flexible.


Startups: Build a strong management team and attract investors

Despite a tight budget, startups must build a strong management team that inspires investor confidence. Here’s how.