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Compensation and rewards

Design the right compensation plan for your startup and your team.


What can you do to compensate and motivate talent?

Compensation is about both fairness and motivation. Understanding this mix will help you connect with your team and develop the right compensation tools (beyond stock options!).


Talent management: Defining your compensation strategy and plan

To attract talent and remain competitive, startups need to design an effective compensation plan that meets the needs of both their business and the market for talent.


Employee compensation: Salary, wages, incentives and commissions

A company’s compensation structure must be competitive to attract and retain employees while remaining cost effective.


Employee benefits: A way for startups to enhance employee compensation

Startups can use benefits to enhance compensation and attract and retain employees.


Job evaluation: Tailoring compensable factors for your startup

A job evaluation plan is a tool that helps your startup determine the internal value of a job in order to assign the appropriate salary level.


Designing the right employee incentive programs and bonus plans

Bonus and incentive programs can yield effective results. But if not properly run, these programs can become a barrier to business success.


Employee benefits and benefits packages: What Ontario employers should know

Benefits are a key part of an employee’s compensation package. Some types of benefits are legislated, while others are offered to be competitive.


Talent management: Compensation issues and your employees

Proper handling of compensation issues requires knowledge of employment trends, how to value jobs both internally and externally, and how to adapt to varying financial conditions.


Profit-sharing plans for startups: Bonus or deferred plans

Profit-sharing plans can be a useful incentive tool to help employees focus their efforts on the long-term success of your startup.


Employee bonuses: Milestone or project bonus plans

Project bonuses, also called milestone bonuses, focus employees on critical deadlines. Project bonus plans, due to their high-profile nature, are usually well-communicated and well-defined, running over the short term (three to six months).


Offering employees equity in your startup: Stock options and plans

Why offer employees equity in your startup? Allocating equity to your employees in the form of or stock option plans.


Employee stock options: A compensation strategy for your startup

Stock options plans are common to executive compensation packages, but they can be offered to other employees as well.