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Starting out with startup marketing

Startup marketing is a science. Identifying the right channels and your proximity to the customer will give you the edge.


Creating a mission statement for your startup: When to do it and what to know

Creating a mission statement is an early task in a startup’s development. To write your initial mission statement, set down the vision of why you are in business.


Should startups build distribution channels or sell products directly?

An effective distribution channel strategy helps your product or service reach consumers and grows your business.


The mission statement: The basis for startups’ strategic planning

A mission statement describes a start-up’s basic motivation for being in business and outlines strategic objectives.


Using the TALC

Strategic allocation of resources depends on where your product category fits on the technology adoption lifecycle.


Technology adoption lifecycle (TALC)

The technology adoption lifecycle (TALC) describes how a market develops for a new product category.


Four types of market (market maturity): Where does your startup’s product belong?

Identify the type of market your new product falls within as soon as possible. Then you can make better product and marketing decisions for your startup.


Early-stage startups do not need a marketing team

Startups following Steve Blank’s Customer Development Model will not have a separate marketing team during the first two stages of the startup’s development.


Customer discovery: Identifying effective distribution channels for your startup

Distribution refers to the process of getting your product into the hands of your target customer. Entrepreneurs need to identify the best channel(s) for their product or service.


Identifying and understanding your target customer and market segments

Identifying and understanding the initial target customer is a key to success for startup companies.