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What you need to know about public relations (PR).


Selecting a PR agency: Tips for entrepreneurs and startups

Public relations agencies help clients develop and execute their strategic communication plan. Choosing the right one matters.


Your marketing message: A tech startup’s key tool to reach target customers

The marketing message is a key instrument in reaching your target customer.


Thought leadership as a tech startup strategy

Thought leadership means attaining recognition as an authority in a particular field. Entrepreneurs can benefit from this cost-effective way to commercialize innovative ideas.


Preparing for public relations (PR)

Mary Keating and Monta Johnson of Hill+Knowlton Strategies discuss how startups need to approach media, and the elements startups need to have in place before they’re ready for PR.


Market leadership through word-of-mouth marketing

A startup should aim to achieve market leadership in the word-of-mouth community that makes up a target market.


Marketing communications for new technology and products

When commercializing new technology, startups need marketing communications know-how to convey your products across your target market. From the MaRS Entrepreneur’s Toolkit.


Positioning: Creating an image of your product in your target customer’s mind

Positioning creates an image of your company’s product in the mind of your target customer.


PR tactics for startups: What you need to know (and when) about public relations

PR tactics for startups: What startups need to know about public relations (PR), hiring a PR firm, & when to pursue public relations activities.