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Startups need to make key branding decisions early. Get started here.


Getting started with advertising at your startup: Digital advertising

Advertising part of your startup’s promotional activity, and for entrepreneurs, digital advertising offers multiple benefits.


Branding for startups: Developing your initial brand strategy

Your startup’s brand strategy should address everything that your value proposition spells out. It should reflect the key fact of your positioning statement.


The marketing mix in marketing strategy: Product, price, place and promotion

The marketing mix consists of a set of tactical tools that a company uses to influence demand for its product.


Use digital marketing analytics to manage how your digital marketing performs

Like any other process your startup implements, measure and quantify your digital marketing in order to create a baseline expectation of how well it performs.


The purpose of marketing analytics: Optimize your startup marketing

To execute an effective startup marketing strategy, you need to monitor your marketing analytics and learn from the results.