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Presenting and pitching

Delivering a great pitch matters. Find out how to prepare.


How to create a pitch deck for investors

Before meeting with an investor, assemble your pitch deck using these guidelines for the key elements


The elevator pitch: pitch your business to investors in 30 seconds

The elevator pitch describes your company concisely and in a compelling way.


Beyond the pitch deck: Building a strong investor presentation

Building a strong presentation to go along with your pitch deck is just as important as the deck.


Team brainstorming for your business plan and investor presentation

Brainstorming provides an effective way to gather team ideas as you develop your business plan or investor presentation.


How to give a great business presentation to investors

Learn how to give the best presentation possible to potential investors.


How to prepare for your business presentation with investors

Being prepared is the best strategy for presenting to an investor.


Potential questions from investors

During the process of engaging an investor, be prepared to answer any number of questions about your venture.


Product demonstrations: How to demo your product for investors

If you can do a live demonstration for potential investors, they will better understand how your product works and how it addresses the problem in the marketplace.


The pitch with Peter Evans

Peter Evans, Founder and CEO of Speakerfile, explains how to craft and deliver a pitch that covers what investors want to know before they fund your startup. Peter discusses crucial pitch elements such as the problem your product solves and the team you’ve put together to solve it.