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Crowdfunding? Learn how to run a successful campaign.


Crowdfunding campaigns for startup funding: What you should know

Crowdfunding campaigns as a means for startup funding have emerged as a potential alternative to angel and venture capital (VC) investments.


Crowdfunding Change: Tips and tricks for social innovators from Indiegogo 

Amy Lesnick, Head of Social Innovation and Non-Profits, Indiegogo, discusses how crowdfunding has become a transformational tool for social innovators, not only to raise capital but also to engage with a broader community to help bring about social change.


Successful crowdfunding for social innovators

A successful crowdfunding campaign can deliver big financial gains to startups and social innovators. Gain insight on what it takes to run a successful crowdfunding campaign, from drawing people in and building momentum to goal setting.


Crowdfunding campaigns: Risks for startups

Crowdfunding campaigns can create risk as well as benefits for startups. Before engaging in crowdfunding as a fundraising tool, startups should know common and serious risks.


The crowdfunding success pattern

The potential of crowdfunding and how startups can engage their community and raise money.