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Selling for Entrepreneurs: Build your startup sales funnel

Become an expert salesperson for your startup

In Selling for Entrepreneurs, Kevin Smith helps you learn the essentials for success in B2C and B2B sales. You’ll learn how to build a sales strategy and model for technology products and services.

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Key takeaways

  • Learn core sales tactics
  • Find and evaluate leads
  • Identify key sales metrics


Meet your instructor 

Learn from Kevin Smith’s years of professional selling experience.


Kevin Smith

Facilitator, Entrepreneurship Programs, MaRS Discovery District

What you’ll learn

If you’ve tried to sell to small or large organizations or to consumers and hit a wall, this course is for you. Selling for Entrepreneurs is short and practical.

Unit 1: Sales fundamentals

In the first unit of Selling for Entrepreneurs, you’ll learn how to build a sales strategy and model, find and evaluate leads, and develop key metrics to track your sales and growth.

Lessons in Unit 1: 

  • Course overview
  • What is sales?
  • Why do we need sales?
  • Useful facts about sales
  • Types of selling scenarios
  • What’s changed about sales?
  • The sales process
  • How sales can go wrong
  • Recommended resources

Unit 2: Prospecting

In Unit 2 we cover how to develop sales opportunities by building a prospecting plan, and how to take advantage of new and traditional sales channels and technologies.

Lessons in Unit 2: 

  • The sales funnel
  • Building target personas
  • Lead generation tactics
  • Strategies to make contact
  • Build a sales script
  • Telephone & email best practices
  • Social selling best practices
  • Tools for the sales process

By the end of these two units, you’ll start to develop fluency in lead generation and social selling, and in using best practices to build your sales funnel.