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Digital industries

Working in the digital space? We’ve compiled key market research sources specific to your sector.


Digital gaming

These digital gaming resources cater to entrepreneurs developing digital games for consoles, computers, social networks and mobile devices.


Digital video & music

Are you developing video or music content for delivery via the Internet, a mobile network or a media storage device? Check out this collection of digital video and music market research resources.


E-Commerce and retail

“Retail” often refers to both traditional in-store sales and electronic commerce, or e-commerce. These resources help entrepreneurs answer common market research questions for both.


Education technology

Technology is disrupting the education process for students of all ages. These resources assist education technology (edtech) entrepreneurs in understanding their market and the potential for their products to change the industry.



E-publishing (electronic publishing) comprises the digital production of books, newspapers, magazines, textbooks and other published assets. This collection of resources delivers market research to e-publishing entrepreneurs.


Selling into the education system: Six Hot Tips for Startups

John McLeod and Mohsen Shahini offer education technology (edtech) startups tips on building a successful product and navigating the complex education market.


Tips for Selling into the Education Ecosystem – MaRS Best Practices

This panel of education technology (edtech) entrepreneurs discusses selling in the education sector. They offer insights into getting your startup known, the differences between the K-12 and higher-education markets, and why edtech is especially challenging for startups.


Using Digital Badges in Education: Five Hot Tips for Startups

Learn how to create and use digital badges that are meaningful for both learners and for employers.


Building Your Edtech Business: Four Hot Tips for Startups

Michael Campbell, President, Forward Thinking EDU, highlights key advice for startups developing an education technology product in a marketplace where US school districts are implementing the Common Core State Standards (an initiative to standardize educational goals across the US).