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Make sure you understand the difference between leadership and management. Read and watch on!


Key characteristics of successful entrepreneurs

Successful entrepreneurs share a few key characteristics, especially in the technology business.


Startup leaders and building corporate culture

A strong and healthy corporate culture can powerfully motivate employees, and evidence that shows that a well-established corporate culture can significantly affect a company’s bottom line.


Building your leadership skills

Successful leaders recognize that building leadership skills is an important and ongoing exercise.


Money or power? Decisions technology entrepreneurs make

Money or power? Decisions technology entrepreneurs make. This article discusses Noam Wasserman’s findings on what makes entrepreneurs choose money over power.


A review of John Hamm’s HBR article, “Why entrepreneurs don’t scale”

John Hamm’s Harvard Business Review article,“Why Entrepreneurs Don’t Scale,” examines the four key tendencies that keep many entrepreneurs from growing with their companies.


Understanding your leadership style

Whether in business, politics or some other position of popular authority, most leaders use a combination of established leadership styles.


The meaning of leadership

Though the words leadership and management are often used interchangeably, the two are fundamentally different concepts.