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Introduction to Market Sizing

Learn how to calculate the market size for any product

Get a practical 30-minute introduction to market sizing and learn the fundamentals of market research with MaRS Market Intelligence.

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  • Watch 12 video lessons (includes practical activities and worksheets)
  • Learn two strategies to estimate the size of your target market
  • Build a secondary market research sources list
  • Understand TAM, SAM and TM and how they differ

What you’ll learn

Market sizing is a critical task for business and marketing planning for all startups—and especially for raising venture capital. This course is an introduction to the market sizing methods that are often used when describing, analyzing and communicating the size of a market. We start by explaining the fundamentals of market research and its definitions and then dive into the top-down and bottom-up methodologies.

We cover the basic principles of each methodology and look at how secondary market research can help you calculate your potential market size in both volume and value.


MaRS Market Intelligence

MaRS Market Intelligence services supports entrepreneurs by providing access to current, relevant and timely information about their industries, competitors, markets and investors, as well as best business practices.

All of our services are provided by information specialists and industry analysts with expertise in IT, software, telecommunications, biotech, cleantech, advanced materials and manufacturing, pharmaceuticals and healthcare.