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Starting out with intellectual property

Are you an inventor? An entrepreneur? Managing your IP protection from the start is critical.


Confidential information and know-how: IP strategy for startups

Understand the basics of confidential information to protect your trade secrets.


How startups can protect intellectual property (IP) on a shoestring

At the start, many companies have no budget for intellectual property (IP) protection. Learn how to maximize your chances of securing it later.


Intellectual property (IP) assignment agreement: Sample template for Ontario startups

This agreement helps assure investors that the IP has been legally transferred.


IP Management – Entrepreneurship 101

Learn about the different types of intellectual property and be able to determine which might be suitable for your startup.


Managing intellectual property: Startups and IP

As a technology or biotechnology entrepreneur, protect and maximize your intellectual property.


Non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) with investors, partners, customers and patents

Non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) protect confidential information that startups share with potential stakeholders.