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Protect your invention in the very early stages. Determine its patentability and avoid patent infringement.


Filing for a patent

Filing for a patent? Here are four tips to help speed up the process.


Patents for inventions or innovations: Factors for startups to consider

The patent process takes time and money. Learn factors to help decide if your invention merits a patent.


Prior art searches and patents

Prior art searches will help you to evaluate whether an invention can be patented.


Provisional patent applications in the US: A tool to protect your invention

US provisional patent applications can be a useful strategic tool when seeking protection for a new invention.


Patent strategy for tech startups: Protecting intellectual property

Patents are important to the commercial value of a startup and its intellectual property protection—patent strategically.


Patents: Sorting through the nitty-gritty

Find out what is patentable, the risks of disclosures (and non-disclosure agreements), and cultivating use from your intellectual property.