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Intellectual property 101

Understand the key elements of intellectual property protection in Canada.


Confidential information and know-how: IP strategy for startups

Understand the basics of confidential information to protect your trade secrets.


How startups can protect intellectual property (IP) on a shoestring

At the start, many companies have no budget for intellectual property (IP) protection. Learn how to maximize your chances of securing it later.


Approaches to filing patent applications

Take a strategic approach in completing your patent application. Know what to include and what to exclude.


Business ideas: Can you protect them? Copyright, patents and trademarks may protect intellectual property (IP)

Business ideas as intellectual property and how you can protect them.


Identifying your intellectual property

Designed specifically for technology and biotechnology entrepreneurs, this workbook assists with the process of properly identifying and classifying IP.


Inventions and patents: What startups in Canada need to know

Patent basics for startups in Canada: what can be patented, who can apply and when and how to apply.


Intellectual property (IP) fundamentals for startups: Patents and patent protection

Founders should understand the process by which startups seek global patent protection for new inventions.


IP Management – Entrepreneurship 101

Learn about the different types of intellectual property and be able to determine which might be suitable for your startup.