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Step 5: Repeat

Growth is everywhere you haven’t been as a business.
– Steli Efti, CEO, Close.ioThe methodology behind this growth marketing strategy is meant to be repeated again and again.


Two things happen over time:

  1. Your growth goal will change.
  2. Your test results will weaken in an ever-changing marketing landscape—costs go up, channels get saturated and audiences find new platforms. This is unavoidable.

In the final video of this playbook, Nathan explains how to know it’s time to return to Step 1 and find new growth marketing tactics to move the needle.


Video transcript | Step 5: Repeat

You’ve now reached the last step of this framework.By now you will have gained some new marketing chops and, with time, your company will be seeing some growth. Congratulations!

You will also have had some practice in using this framework—and the good news is that you will have opportunities to make use of these skills again and again and again.

This is because you never cross the finish line when it comes to marketing. It is an ongoing process.

As we’ve mentioned, platforms change, costs go up and channels become saturated. The factors that made your campaign successful at one point will not remain static. Marketing tactics can become twice as expensive or reach fewer targeted customers. And, of course, as your business grows, your growth goals and marketing needs will change.

It’s important to keep collecting and measuring data from your tests. When your metrics show that your ROI in a channel is flatlining or decreasing, or when your company’s growth goal changes, it is time to go back to Step 1. At that point, you need to repeat this framework and once again find a marketing tactic that helps you move the needle.

As you return to the brainstorming stage each time, think about what you’ve learned from previous rounds of applying the framework. Are there lessons learned that can help you this time? Are there unused ideas from previous rounds that would be useful now? Are there ways you or your team can run your tests more efficiently?

We hope this framework helps you hone your marketing efforts. Take a look at the other videos and content in this playbook. We’ve gathered first-hand experiences from growth experts on different marketing channels, as well case studies on the ins and outs of growing a venture. You may relate to some of their challenges.

While you’re doing that, this playbook will evolve too. So keep checking back with us as you build your growth engine.

Remember, life is short. Do stuff that matters.


Lean more about testing different marketing channels—get strategies and resources on running and optimizing channel tests.


Help us fit this playbook to your needs as we add new material. Tell us what you loved (and what you didn’t) and what you’d like to see.

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