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Governance 101

Learn the basics of good governance—and what separates it from management.


Establishing Governance: A startup guide for new businesses and non-profit organizations

Covering a range of issues from board duties to recruitment to remuneration, this guide details the many aspects of governance that apply as an organization grows.


Good governance—An introduction

As an organization grows, it will require some form of a board of governors, directors, or advisors to provide oversight and advice. In other words, it will need good governance.


Keys to good governance for entrepreneurs and their boards

Essentially, good governance is the ability and willingness to ask the right questions at the right time and to provide good advice while demonstrating confidence in the venture.


Separating governance from management

Boards govern while management manages. Good boards work on the premise that while accountability can be delegated, responsibility cannot.


Governance: Further resources

Beyond the information contained in this database, many resources and countless articles deal with the topic of governance. We’ve listed several of those here.


Advisory board (definition)

An advisory board is a group of individuals who have been selected to help advise a business owner on a variety of business issues.