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Building a board

Learn how to build a effective board and what its role should be.



What is the role of a board of directors and how do you put one together?

Once you’ve received funding, you will have to establish a board of directors or the composition will change.


Creating your initial board of directors

Entrepreneurs, both corporate and non-profit, create their enterprise to fulfill a dream. As the dream takes shape, the owner/founder will need independent help and advice.


Different board models for different ventures

When establishing your board, see the details in the corporation’s bylaws regarding numbers, officers, positioning of the business leader and board leader, frequency of meetings, and other numerous requirements.


Recruitment and tenure of your board of directors

Successful recruitment is the key to a successful board of directors.


What size board do I need?

Typically, the first board of directors consists of a minimum of three people.


The role of a successful board

How does a board of directors differ from a team of managers? It’s quite simple: boards govern while management manages.