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IP protection

Protecting your intellectual property (IP) is critical. Get started here. Then visit our full section on IP for more details.


How startups can protect intellectual property (IP) on a shoestring

At the start, many companies have no budget for intellectual property (IP) protection. Learn how to maximize your chances of securing it later.


What investors want in place when they invest in your startup

Entrepreneurs need to know what set in place to make their business attractive to investors.

Toolkit_Icons_template_24x24   TEMPLATE

Intellectual property (IP) assignment agreement: Sample template for Ontario startups

This agreement helps assure investors that the IP has been legally transferred.


Confidential information and know-how: IP strategy for startups

Assess and protect your company’s confidential information.


Managing intellectual property: Startups and IP

How to protect and maximize your intellectual property.


Non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) with investors, partners, customers and patents

Non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) protect confidential information that startups share with potential stakeholders.


Ip Management-Entrepreneurship 101

Learn about the different types of intellectual property as partners from Gilbert’s LLP outline the process of securing and protecting patents, trademarks and copyrights.